Vending Machine Specialists in the Greater Boston Area

Coulon Vending based in Lynn, Massachusetts, is a full-service vending machine provider, offering restocking and vending repair services, as well as installation and periodic maintenance.

Traditional Experience

Family-owned and operated since opening in 1959, Coulon Vending is one of the most reliable vending machine providers and maintenance contractors in the industry. In addition to our extensive portfolio, we have built a long list of clients, including the local school system. Our level of customer service is the best, as our customers will attest. Services include:
  • Vending Machine Delivery
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Vending Repairs
  • Emergency Services
  • Stocking & Restocking Services
Empty shelf of office vending machine — vending machine in Lynn, MA
 Lady buying at vending machine— vending machine in Lynn, MA

Maintaining Our Focus

Our goal since the beginning is to make certain our customers are happy and the machines are stocked and running properly. Using a straightforward business model, we keep our services simple and streamlined.

Whether making a service call, restocking drink and snack machines, installing a location-ready vending machine at your business, we are here to serve our customer's needs. You can count on us being prompt and professional, taking care of your needs directly, in most cases providing same day service.

When your vending machines need to be stocked and serviced, or you are looking to have one placed at your business, rely on Coulon Vending. Leave a message and we'll come to you.

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